The M12 party bus can accommodate all of your friends and take you in style to the Temecula Valley wine country. This party bus is stylish, latest and comes equipped with sophisticated features to enhance your experience. We have specially customized this party bus for wine tours and equipped it with the required facilities.

Just imagine riding this luxurious party bus with a group of your friends through the wine routes of Temecula Valley and visiting the vineyards and wineries in style. Your experience can go to a whole new level with entertainment facilities like DVD and CD players, and stereo system on-board the bus. Now imagine taking picture of the vineyards or pouring a variety of tasty wines in the wineries. We guarantee that you and your friends will take home some memorable experiences from the Temecula Valley wine country.

The good news is that we are wine tour specialist, licensed and fully insured to deliver you the service and peace of mind you really deserve. Moreover, we don’t just offer drivers, but highly professional and experienced chauffeurs who would go the extra mile to serve you. We have specially trained our chauffeurs in wine tours. Even better, they are well dressed, well mannered and presentable.

• Full of luxury and style
• Immaculately designed and customized, from both the inside and outside
• Can accommodate 30 to 40 people
• Shaded windows for your privacy
• Unique ambiance created by party lighting
• Equipped with modern technologies like WiFi
• Entertainment options like stereo system and flat screen TVs

Why Us?
Remember, when it comes to wine tours, not all services providers can deliver what Temecula Valley Wine Limo can. We specialize in wine tours services and we guarantee that you and your friends will have amazing experience with our services. Customized to set the right tone for wine tours, our party buses can deliver what you have long desired. Just imagine this party bus coming at your doorstep to pick you up and then cruise you through the Temecula Valley wine routes.

You party actually starts the moment you enter this party bus. The lounge-style seating arrangement, club style lighting and ambiance and the entertainment options will surely hypnotize you. Combine this with the variety of wines you would get to taste on the way, and we are sure that you would take home some unforgettable memories.
The good news is that you get a highly professional, experienced and presentable chauffeur with this party bus. Whether you want to hit a nightclub in Temecula or just want to taste amazing wines at the wineries and vineyards, our chauffeurs will always take care of your aspirations and make sure that you get what you desire. Just imagine enjoying some wines at the wineries in Temecula Valley and then getting back into your mobile club to hit the dance floor with your friends.

We are fully knowledgeable about the Temecula Valley wine country, the vineyards, wine routes and wineries, meaning that you can take great benefit of our experience and knowledge. We can also suggest you some of the most amazing wines in the valley and go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy your time with us. Here are some reasons why we are the best wine tour limo service providers in the region:

• Knowledgeable and professional staff, including chauffeurs
• Respect for your privacy
• Fully luxurious and latest vehicles
• Unmatched customer service
• Experience in wine tours

Want to hire this party bus for a wine tour to Temecula Valley? Call us today at (951) 228-5119.

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